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The British Athletics Directory is finally an automated process which relies on the person submitting the club's details to be as accurate as possible.

The information that you submit about your club can be as brief or as detailed as you wish, and can be modified and corrected as desired. The only fields that we require be entered are marked with the words (Compulsory Field).

Athletics Club Name              (Compulsory Field)
What is the name of your club:


Geographical Region              (Compulsory Field)
Select the geographical region which best describes your location:


County or Home Country in which you are located              (Compulsory Field)
Select the main county or home country in which your club is located:

If your club straddles two Counties select the second county in which your club is located:


Link to your own club web page
If your club has their own web page, type the full address starting with http://


Catchment Area
The following words will not be displayed on your club web page, but they will be seen by the search engines. Enter your local areas/towns which make up your clubs catchment each separated by a comma. eg: Barnet, Arkley, Hadleigh, Potters Bar
Your local catchment area


Privacy Settings
Specify who may view your contact details
If left blank, all contact details will remain private.

Email Address Telephone Number Mobile Number Postal Address
General Public
Individuals registered with any athletics or running club
Individuals registered as being a member of your club
Those registered as being a County Administrator
Regional Administrator


Your Own Email Address              (Compulsory Field)
Enter Your Email Address:
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Enter Your Name              (Compulsory Field)
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Email Address For Club Contact
Email Address:
This can be the email address of your Club Secretary, or an alternative contact.
This email address will be displayed on your club page, subject to the privacy settings specified above.


Club Contact Name
Club Contact Name:

First Name Second Name

This name will only display on your club page,
if the privacy settings for the email address
allow viewing by the general public.


Club Official
Enter a contact address for the Club:


Position Held:

Telephone/Mobile              (Compulsory Field)


Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Describe Your Club:
Use the following space to tell potential new members about your club. Emphasise your club's strengths, and history.

To improve the readability of the text it is suggested that you use the following HTML tags to format your text:
<p> = New Paragraph <br> = New Line <b> = Bold
</b> = Turn off bold
<i> = Italic
</i> = Turn off italic

Club Training Sessions              (Compulsory Field)
You can include details of upto three club training sessions:
Example format:
Tuesdays at 6.45pm
Track Training at Finsbury Park Athletics Track,
in North London (Finsbury Park and Manor House
are the nearest underground stations).
Session is suitable for motivated athletes
over the age of 14. Newcomers are welcome.
A competitive spirit is what matters.
Ask for Zac.

First Training Session
Meeting day and time:

Description of session:

Second Training Session
Meeting day and time:

Description of session:

Third Training Session
Meeting day and time:

Description of session:

Leagues Competed In
You can include upto six winter and summer leagues competed in:

First league competition:

Second league competition:

Third league competition:

Fourth league competition:

Fifth league competition:

Sixth league competition:

Annual Club Promotions
Each year many club's promote their own fixture. You may include details of upto two such fixtures:
Example Format
First Saturday in December
The Fraternity Cup - 5 Miles Cross Country

First Promotion
Describe the event and indicate when it usually takes place:
Expected date of Event:


Second Promotion
Describe the event and indicate when it usually takes place:
Expected date of Event:



Club Affiliations
Check the box if you are affiliated to any of the following Associations:

ABAC Click Here for information about ABAC (The Association Of GB Athletics Clubs).
ARC Click Here for information about ARC (The Association of Running Clubs).